Powerful, lightweight complex system for mathematical calculations, which brings to you the opportunity to solve your problems, as fast as possible. More than 160 build-in functions from different areas of math, full support of complex numbers and matrix calculations (even complex matrix calculations). The system itself contains a wide range of numerical methods, such as numeric integration, finding roots, solving linear systems and much more.

The application supports numbers in different formats: decimal, binary, octal, hexadecimal (10, 1010b, 12o, 0Ah).

Existing two working modes:

Calculate view - an interactive mathematical console with a history of calculations, ability to define variables, etc.
Convert view - powerful unit converter with a vast amount of supported measurements (length, weight, volume, area, speed, time, temperature, energy, power, pressure, angle, data).

Windows 10/Windows 10 Mobile


No special requirements

Key Features

  • 160 built-in functions
  • linear system solving
  • working with complex numbers
  • working with complex matrix
  • ability to define a variable
  • unit converter

History of changes