MultiCalc is fully cross-platform, powerful, modern, multifunctional calculator made for everyone.

It works on Android, iOS, Windows and even on the Web. You can use one of three available modules:

  • Calculator - an advanced calculator with more than 70 built-in functions from different areas of math, full support of complex numbers and matrix calculations (even complex matrix calculations). History panel for quick insertion of previous calculations. Flexible settings for output result.
  • Unit Converter - unit converter with a vast amount of supported measurements (length, weight, volume, area, speed, time, temperature, energy, power, pressure, angle, data).
  • Plot 2D (Graphing Calculator) - an interactive plot for drawing functions (traces) in Cartesian coordinates. You can add as many traces as you want to the plot. You can change color, thickness, and boundaries for an individual trace.

Web, Android, iOS, Windows



Key Features

  • Fully cross-platform
  • Basic/Engineering calculator
  • 70+ built-in mathematical functions
  • Support of complex numbers
  • Support of matrix calculations
  • Linear system solving
  • Сalculations history
  • Unit converter
  • Graphing calculator

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